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I forgot to post this gem yesterday don't feel bad if you missed it. We have it coming up again on the 20th. 22222 (5 change in energy) days serve as a reminder for us to know that, no matter what happens in our world, we are in a time of cooperation, compassion, duality and harmony—if we so choose to embody these qualities. So, hopefully you choose to use this day this magical 22222 energy like a portal to channel all the love and hope you can. For yourself first, and then for others. It's a 1 day though. It's the beginning of a great shift in a gradual way. Don't allow negative frequencies to bother your energy. We are still in the energy of Aquarius Nu Moon the water bearer. A great time to take a spiritual Bath and work with deep breathing. Put out to the Most High clearly what you need in your life.

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